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Krystal Brauer

Chief Administration Director

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My Story

Krystal is a highly decorated retired Sergeant in the US Marine Corp. She served 4 years of active duty, with her first deployment in 3rd Medical Battalion in Okinawa, Japan. She then transferred to CLB-1 Combat Logistics Battalion in Camp Pendleton, CA. During her service, Krystal demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and dedication to the Marine Corps.

After retiring from the military, Krystal took on a new challenge and joined Lift for the 22, where she worked alongside Sam, overseeing national events and managing internal communications throughout the board of directors. Her outstanding performance in this role led to her current position as the VP of Payroll, providing administrative and project support.

Krystal's vast knowledge and wisdom have been invaluable to the 15:42 Project, where she continues to support the military community. Her extensive experience in the military, combined with her exceptional organizational skills and leadership abilities, make her a highly respected and valued member of the team.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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